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The Company

Welcome to Interbubak, the leading European designer and producer of high quality, sophisticated, portable puppet theatre sets called Interbubak, which offer a number of unique, innovative, yet simple to use features. The theatres will find their home in families, kindergartens, schools, acting and drama clubs and everywhere when children are entertained and educated. To complement the portable puppet theatre sets, Interbubak also supplies a set of compatible high quality string and hand puppets.

Interbubak.cz — designing and developing of a new generation of portable puppet theatre sets

A little history ...

Interbubak comes to you from the Czech Republic, a central European country with a long standing tradition in puppetry.

The idea to develop a portable puppet theatre was first conceived in 1999 by Interbubak’s owner when he produced the fist prototype with basic features for his children. The idea was revived in 2006 to develop a high quality, fully featured yet simple to use portable puppet theatre for family entertainment. This was followed by two years of intense research and development, including finetuning of many of the theatre’s unique and innovative features. The year 2009 was another busy year in which Interbubak Pty Ltd was established, product patents were registered, product and safety tests conducted and the production of first theatre sets commenced.

Interbubak’s portable puppet theatre Interbubak Classic was successfully launched at the largest international toy fair in the world, Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair at Nurnberg, Germany in February 2010.

New model Interbubak Basic was released in July 2011.

The model Interbubak Basic Led, which supplements model Basic with a high-performance Led lighting, was launched in February 2012.

New model Interbubak Maximus was released in December 2016. Customers can choose from 44 available puppet characters for model Classic and Basic!

Creative team:

  • Mr Martin Mensik — technical design, design of scenes, product cover and manual
  • Mr Vladimir Biolek — painting of scenes
  • Mr Petr Nenicka — design of model Classic cover and manual
  • Robert Návrat — design of model Basic cover and manual
  • Mr Pavel Zuchnicky — cover page photo
  • MediaFabríca s.r.o. — web design

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