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Interbubak classic puppet theatre

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What is Interbubak Classic and who is it designed for?

Interbubak Classic is a new, sophisticated, portable puppet theatre, designed to entertain and bring joy to children and adults alike. It can be used by parents for their children, teachers for their pupils or older children for younger children (theatre users must be at least 14 years old). Interbubak Classic will therefore find its home in families, kindergartens, schools, acting clubs and many other places where children are educated and entertained.

Theatre models

Interbubak’s portable puppet theatres are offered in two model configurations:


The model Classic contains a portable puppet theatre set, however does not include any puppet characters. This model is suitable for customers who may already own string and/or hand puppets or may wish to use particular type of puppets for their plays.

Classic Plus

Model Classic Plus contains a portable puppet theatre with a set of puppets. Customers can chose from 3 available puppet sets, A, B or C. Classic Plus set A contains 16 string and 2 hand puppets from leading Czech puppet makers (BS Model, Gerlich Odry, Ruzicka, Noe). Classic Plus set B contains 16 string puppets from Gerlich Odry and 2 hand puppets from Noe. Classic Plus set C contains 16 string puppets from Ruzicka company and 2 hand puppets from Noe.

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