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Interbubak.cz — designing and developing of a new generation of portable puppet theatre sets

Product care


During the production process, the theatre has been adjusted and tested. However, due to product usage and natural attributes of materials used, some loosening of mainly moving theatre parts may occur over time. It is therefore important for the theatre to be regularly checked and if needed, adjusted.

Curtain adjustment:

In case the curtain does not move smoothly during opening or closing, it is necessary to:

  • Check whether the nylon rails (K8) have been dislodged.
  • Check whether the loops on the support beam (D14) are in parallel. If required, adjust their distance from nylon support beams (K8) by fastening or unfastening.
  • Check whether the cloth of curtain (L2) runs along the frontal side of construction (D8).

Adjustment of curtain holder:

The strength of clamping of curtain’s string in open position (on part D9) can be easily adjusted by fastening or unfastening of the catch screw.

Adjusting the ease of opening (turning) of moving parts)

  • The ease of opening of consoles (K2) can be varied by fastening of a nut
  • The easy of opening of the actor concealing frame can be adjusted by fastening or unfastening of a screw joining frame parts (D9) and (D2).
  • The ease of turning of the support beam (D12) can be adjusted in a similar fashion
  • The stiffness of frame stay (step 4, point 2 of ‘Theatre set-up’) can be decreased by vaseline lubrication or repeatedly screwing and unscrewing the lock screw (in a closed position).
  • The adjustment of distance from the stopper of theatre construction (D11) can by done by adjusting the locking screw.

It is possible to adjust the position and function of nearly all parts.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Prior to cleaning, turn the device off and remove from main power.
  • The theatre set should be cleaned only when it has cooled down.
  • Timber parts can be cleaned by timber cleaning preparations. Do not soak. Do not dry.
  • It is essential to maintain constant air humidity during storage.
  • Reflector lamps, cables and the converter can be cleaned only with a dry cloth.
  • Cloth fabrics can be removed and washed at 40° C, however do not iron.
  • Plastic, transparent set-scenes and cold glass filters can be washed in water with a gentle detergent.
  • The book-like set-scenes can be cleaned only with a dry cloth.
  • When changing a light bulb, first remove the glass cover, then the faulty light bulb, then insert the new light bulb JC, G4 max. 20 W, 12 V. Do not touch the light bulb with bare hands – use a cloth. Lastly reinstall the cover.

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