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Interbubak.cz — designing and developing of a new generation of portable puppet theatre sets


Product safety was tested by the Institute for Testing and Certification (ITC) laboratory number 1004.3. Upon request, the testing protocol no. 3335/09 will be forwarded to retailers or importers.

Please read carefully all safety instructions, notifications and warnings.


Connect the device only to an electric socket that is well maintained and compatible with the requirements of the device. Never allow water to come into contact with the device. Do not use the device outdoors or in high humidity areas such as basements or near swimming pools. Do not connect the device to main power if the connecting cord or plug is damaged, if the device was dropped or the device is affected by water. Please ensure the connecting cord does not come into contact with hot surfaces. Do not make any modifications to the device. Ensure the power socket and plug always remain easily accessible to enable easy connecting and disconnecting from main power. Any electric repairs must only be undertaken by appropriately qualified person. Disconnect the device from main power each time the device is not used, even for short periods of time. Disconnect the device from main power prior to cleaning.


During use, the device has hot surfaces, that are marked with this sign. Do not touch such marked surfaces during or after usage. Be careful. Do not touch any lit lights or active colour filters! Ensure that children do not touch hot surfaces. The change of filters should only be undertaken by moving them with an enclosed clip. Do not use faulty filters.


Do not use the device without supervision or continuously for longer than 120 minutes. For ventilation purposes, do not place more than 2 filters beside each other in front of the reflector lamp. Ensure that the reflector lamp and any filters in front of it do not touch any object. Do not use the lower reflector lamp when using the lower set scene. Connect the device to main power only when fully and properly assembled. After use, always disconnect the device from main power and allow it to cool down for a minimum of 10 minutes before packing.


The theatre’s reflector lamps must only be used for the purpose of puppet plays. This will increase the working life of the halogen globes. Do not use a lit filter for longer than 30 minutes. Let the filter then cool down for at least 5 minutes. Slide away any inserted (ie lit) filters immediately following the end of a (play) act. This will increase its longevity. Protect the filter from sudden local cooling. Do not touch the filter with wet hands. In case of damage to the reflector lamp cover, turn the device off and when it cools down, replace the cover.


Should you decide to dispose of the device, please do so in accordance with current disposal regulations. More information can be obtained from your local waste collection centre.

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