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Interbubak.cz — designing and developing of a new generation of portable puppet theatre sets


Interbubak Classic is most likely the only portable puppet theatre that includes a variety of thirty original (background) scenes, thus offering puppet actors a wide choice of themes for their plays. The scenes include popular favourites such as a castle, a forest, town square, mountains, a desert, dragon’s cave, under the sea, on a planet and many more.

The scenes were painted by an artist Mr Vladimir Biolek. The main aim was to balance the painting style with the expected type and size of puppets and to integrate the style with the plexiglass scenes and type of illumination.

Scenes overview

The thirty painted scenes are shown below. You can click on individual scenes to view them in more detail.

The thirty scenes are made up of:

  • Eleven scenes (number 1 – 11) that use lower perspective or ‘floor’ scenes
  • Two scenes (number 12 – 13) that use lower perspective (floor) scenes with a floor opening
  • Nine scenes (number 14 – 22) that use plexiglass scenes (no solid floor)
  • Eight scenes that are supplementary variations of side scenes (A – C)

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