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Interbubak.cz — designing and developing of a new generation of portable puppet theatre sets

Theatre design

The compact, yet sturdy theatre construction enables (apart from described functions) fast set-up and connection as well as disassembling into a small package.

The theatre’s design framework consists of:

  • The portal construction frame formed by side frames, upper and lower light ramps with filter tracks, an in-built illumination controls and forestage. Attached to this frame is the construction of cloth fitting. The portal construction frame is attached to the primary frame.
  • The primary frame formed by a pair of side walls, the front support beam and the rear rotating support beam
  • The front support beam, serving to determine the operational position of the theatre construction frame and its ‚lock-in‘ position with the aid of a screw attached to the support beam.
  • The rear support beam, serving during play as a stopper of a sliding, holding bracket of the main set scene. During transportation it supports the plexiglass set scenes that are stored in the groove of side walls.
  • Side walls which secure the stability of lower set scenes, vertical set scenes, holding brackets and support beam of the main set scene. During transportation the lower groove secures the storage of vertical set scenes and support of the main set scene, while the upper groove secures the storage of book-like set of set scenes and the holding bracket of the main set scene. This storage safeguards the whole theatre set against opening.
  • The holding bracket – rectangular format sliding to side walls, ensuring hte stabilization of a set of set scenes.
  • Support of the main set scene – wooden support beam, sliding to side walls, carrying the weight of a set of set scenes.

This system is patent protected.

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