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Theatre set-up

To successfully assemble the puppet theatre, you must read and follow the following 6 step instruction and the supporting 6 diagrams. For each step, refer to the equivalent diagram and the yellow marked numbers in the diagram. In addition it is highly recommended that you view a short ‘set-up’ animation that illustrates the process.

Theatre set-up animation
  1. Take the theatre out of its cardboard case and place it on a table. Unwind the connecting cable 1 (see diagram 1, yellow number 1), take out the main set of (background) scenes 1 and the large rectangular rear supporting panel
  2. Take out the user manual 1 and the two side scenes 2 and 3. Open the theatre frame 4, and lock it in place by turning the leaver positioned below the light buttons 5. Check that it is stable.
  3. Lift and open the main 1 flank up and the two side flanks 2 to the side (actor concealing area).
  4. Turn the lower horizontal beam 90° 1, then slide out and remove the three plexiglass scenes 2. Lift the left lever arm 90° to a horizontal position and then lock it in place by moving it right into the groove until it clicks 3, and finally hang any puppets 4 (may not be included in the package) on the top or side construction frame.
  5. Turn the lower horizontal beam 1 back to its original position, remove the upper horizontal beam 2 and insert into the groove (above the lower horizontal beam) and then carefully remove all filters 3 by carefully sliding them out.
  6. Insert the rear supporting panel 1, connect the theatre set to main power 2, check its functionality (eg. lights) and then turn the device off.

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